Neha Khullar started her professional career after completing her MBA in finance from IMI, Belgium. She worked with the Transaction Advisory services Wing of Ernst & Young.

Neha’s journey is a pursuit of passion and innate desire of shaping and redefining one’s intuitive understanding of fashion and actualization of the same. She started her career by designing her maiden collection to retail it via multi-designer stores and the array of orders on her showcase collection led her to expand her horizons in terms of fashion.

Since then there is no looking back and has till date bolstered her reach by supplying, exhibiting and retailing her next off collections through multi-designer stores in India, showcasing them in the most sought after exhibitions in Dubai thereby spreading out her extension to stores in the UAE, Canada and the USA.

Label Neha Khullar is inspired from Baroque, drawing attention towards heritage, literature and Victorian tang. Through each piece you can study a deep story of convergence and divergence of these Victorian inspired designs in modern serene colors living up to the brand’s true essence.

The collection has been brought to life by an opulent mish-mash of fabrics such as chiffon, organza and tulle in silhouettes structured to match the regal yet modern appeal of classy women of today! You will see free spirited cuts, fabric outlays and inset cuts through this collection.

The brand philosophy integrates the rich heritage of Indian crafts and textiles with modern aesthetics. Neha Khullar’s USP is about contrast; the mix between high and low culture, elegance and street life. Her work is embedded with high attention to detail and fascination with cultural differences and modern techniques. The pure and simple aesthetic form mixed with the activity and vitality of life itself meets here, with the constantly evolving rhythm of global fashion.